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Tomball City Administration / Information

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General Info:
All Council members are elected into office for a term of three years with no term limits. City Council Meetings take place on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month. More information can be found at City Hall. Sales tax rate in Tomball is 8.25%. The property tax rate within the Tomball City Limits is $2.781770 per $100.

I Want To... Contact:
Pay a traffic ticket Tomball City Hall
Pay property taxes Tomball City Hall
Get a Birth Certificate/Death Certificate Tomball City Hall
Report problems with Roads/Ditches/Signs Harris County Tax Office
Get a License Plate Harris County Tax Office
Car Registration Harris County Tax Office
Get a Drivers License Texas Department of Public Safety
Report a Traffic Signal Problem Texas Highway Dept. / TX DOT
Get a Business DBA Cypresswood Courthouse

Phone Numbers & Addresses:

City Hall - 281-351-5484
Fire Department - 281-351-7101
Police Department - 281-351-5451
Animal Control - 281-999-3191
Community Center - 281-255-6221
Utilities Department - 281-290-1424
Public Works - 281-290-1400
TX DOT - 713-802-5562
Harris County Tax Office - 713-368-2000 - 101 South Walnut, Tomball
Texas Department of Public Safety - (281) 890-5440 - 10503 Grant Rd., Houston, TX
Cypresswood Courthouse - 6831 Cypresswood, Spring, TX

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