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Water Conservation Tip - Check For Leaks!

Water Conservation Tip - Check For Leaks!

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~ 9 mos ago   Aug 5, '22 9:41am  
Water Conservation Tip - Check For Leaks!
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This week’s water conservation tips will focus on leaks.
Water leaks can cause significant water loss in a home or business and may not always be visible or easily detectable.
Here are some helpful hints to help you track down leaks.
*Listen for running toilets or dripping faucets when you’re house is quiet. Even a little noise may mask the sound of a leak.
*While faucet leaks may be visible, make sure your check under your sinks for small drips. Leaks are common around on/off handles and in pipes below the basin.
*Use your nose. Water leaks may leave a moldy or musty smell under cabinets and under basins. If you smell something, investigate further.
*Check your exterior pipes and connections, such as your hose and outdoor spigot, regularly. These connections, valves, and gaskets can wear down due to use and weather.
*Always make sure to turn taps off tightly so they don’t drip. This is a common issue outdoors.
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